When? Title & Composer Comments...
3rd July 1955 1812 Overture P. I. Tchaikovsky International music contest in "Les Sables d'Olonne", France.
Conductor: Pierre Schonckert
1812 Overture (Finale) P. I. Tchaikovsky
Fingal's Cave (from The Hebrides) Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
23rd November 1963 Carmen Suite - Clip Georges Bizet "Gala d'Opéras".
Conductor: Eugène Weber
Carmen Suite - Toreador Georges Bizet
Rigoletto Giuseppe Verdi
William Tell Overture
William Tell Overture (Finale) Gioacchino Rossini
26th April 1970 Les Préludes Franz Liszt Gala 1970
Carmina Burana (O Fortuna) Carl Orff
Ungarische Fantasie (Hungarian Fantasy) Franz Liszt
Piano: Fernand Jung
29th December 1972 Hootenanny Harold L. Walters Recorded by Studiowelle Saar, aired 29th December 1972.
Conductor: François Tommasini
2nd April 1977 Feu d'Artifice (Fireworks) Norbert Hoffmann Concert in Burscheid, Germany, organised by the "Orchesterverein Hilgen"
3rd April 1977 Scenes from The Louvre Norman Dello Joio
9th December 1979 Commando March Samuel Barber Gala 1979
" Commando March" is a great concert march, don't miss this one!
Armenian Dances, Part 1 Alfred Reed
7th December 1980 Armenian Dances, Part 2 Alfred Reed Gala 1980
Listen carefully to "Galopp" - the first half is from 1980, whereas the 2nd half is from a 1999 recording!
Galopp (special mix) Dimitri Shostakovich
1981 Spanish Fever Jay Chattaway HMD on Vinyl - This was our only studio recording ever made. The recording was ok, but marketing was slightly sub-optimal...
Bugler's Holiday Leroy Anderson
13th December 1981 Posaunen-Cocktail Harry Theis Back to live recordings:Gala 1981 with Marc Muller as Conductor
Big Band Dixie Bob Lowden
18th April 1982 "Waltz" from "Masquerade" Aram Khatchaturian Spring Concert 1982
12th December 1982 Marche Hongroise de la Damnation de Faust Hector Berlioz Gala 1982
This year's special Feature: A bunch of clarinetists chased by a bumble bee. Quick fingers are a must!
The Flight of the Bumble Bee Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov
Tango Fandango Warren Barker
11th December 1983 Arlésienne Georges Bizet Gala 1983
Conductor: Francis Schummer
Santiago Carnival Claude T. Smith
14th December 1985 Zampa L. J. F. Hérold Gala 1985
20th December 1986 Les Préludes Franz Liszt Gala 1986, together with the "Artscenic Jazz Quintet"
Autumn Leaves Men Marinov
20th December 1987 La Gazza Ladra Gioacchino Rossini Gala 1987
17th December 1988 Marching Song Gustav Holst Gala 1988
23rd December 1989 Teufelstanz Josef Hellmesberger Gala 1989
Conductor: Christian Gregorius
23rd May 1990 Burlesque Georgy Salnikov International Wind Band Contest organized by the Union Grand Duc Adolphe (UGDA)
Rhythmical Contrasts Jean-Paul Frisch
8th December 1990 A Night on a Bald Mountain Modest Moussorgsky Gala 1990
The Phantom of the Opera Andrew Lloyd Webber
Värmeland Klaus-Peter Bruchmann
La Fiesta Mexicana H. Owen Reed
7th December 1991 Festive Overture Dimitri Shostakovich Gala 1991
Festival Variations Claude T. Smith
Tulsa - A Portrait in Oil Don Gillis
12th December 1992 Trombone Concerto Op. 114b Derek Bourgeois
Trombone: Marc Meyers
Gala 1992
If you want to hear more of Derek Bourgeois' Trombone Concerto, have a look at the 1997 "Arsenal" Concert!
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Paul Dukas
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - same as above, but shorter.
CVC Jazz March Men Marinov
11th December 1993 Romeo and Juliet P. I. Tchaikovsky Gala 1993
Batman Elfman/Prince
Tico Tico Zequinha de Abreu
5th March 1994 Melusina - a symphonic poem Norbert Hoffmann Concert Norbert Hoffmann
Rhapsodie Luxembourgeoise Norbert Hoffmann
10th December 1994 Bolero Maurice Ravel Gala 1994
Cello Concerto Friedrich Gulda
Cello: Christian Jüttendonk
Concerto for Trumpet Harry James
Trumpet: Jacquot Barthel
Lezghinka Aram Khatchaturian
25th March 1995 Symphony No. 5 - Finale Dimitri Shostakovich Festival "Musek am Syrdall"
16th December 1995 Candide Overture Leonard Bernstein Gala 1995
Sabre Dance Aram Khatchaturian
13th January 1996 Peter and the Wolf - Intro in Luxembourgish - of course!
Peter and the Wolf - Finale Sergej Prokofiev
Speaker: Gilbert Bertolo
14th April 1996 Celebration Philip Sparke (composer and conductor) Workshop with Philip Sparke
14th and 15th December 1996 Konzertstück für 4 Hörner Robert Schumann Gala 1996
Conductor: Marc Rehlinger
Solo Horns: Liège Horn Quartet
Olympica Jan van der Roost
2nd March 1997 Trombone Concerto Op. 114b (Finale) Derek Bourgeois
Trombone: Marc Meyers
Concert Arsenal 1997
Wanna hear a real Trombone? Then listen to this!!
South Rampart Street Parade Naohiro Iwai
13th and 14th December 1997 Cartoon Paul Hart Gala 1997
Galopp from First Suite for Band Alfred Reed
12th December 1998 Slava Leonard Bernstein Gala 1998 - New York
Conductor: Marc Meyers
New York, New York
16th May 1999 Romeo and Juliet Sergej Prokofiev Russian Concert
11th December 1999 Giulio Cesare Sergio Parisini Gala 1999 - Italia
Marches of Mancini Henri Mancini
The Pink Panther Henri Mancini
William Tell Overture (Finale) Gioacchino Rossini
Azurro Paolo Conte
25th March 2000 Santiago Carnival Claude T. Smith Spring Concert 2000
Under the Double Eagle Julius Fucik
22nd October 2000 Folk Dances Dimitri Shostakovich Concert Arsenal 2000
The Year of the Dragon Philip Sparke
16th December 2000 Themes from 007 Bob Lowden Gala 2000 - Great Britain
Rule Britannia
Schottischer Whisky Siegfried Bethmann
You'll never walk alone Rodgers & Hammerstein
Wellington March Wilhelm Zehle
14th January 2001 Jupiter (from The Planets) Gustav Holst Concert Cercle Municipal Luxembourg
Jupiter (Finale) Gustav Holst
21st February 2001 Fantasy on Hungarian Themes Fr. Doppler
Flutes: Françoise Reuter, Jérôme Fellerich
Concert des Solistes 2001
Elégie op 24 in C minor Gabriel Fauré
Bass Clarinet: Pascal Fellerich
A Little More Time (HMD Big Band) Doug Beach & George Shutack
15th December 2001 Second Suite for Band Alfred Reed Gala 2001 - Fiesta Latina
Besa Me Mucho (HMD Big Band)
Mambo from West Side Story Leonard Bernstein
El Cumbanchero
27th January 2002 La Gazza Ladra Gioacchino Rossini Concert Thionville
7th April 2002 Promenade and
Bydlo from "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Modest Moussorgsky
Concert Arsenal 2002
Bydlo is an Ox-Wagon powered by Liquid Schwartz!
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (from Lohengrin) Richard Wagner
La Cumparsita Gerardo Hernàn Matos Rodrigues
Three Dance Episodes from "On The Town" Leonard Bernstein
14th December 2002

Harry Potter Symphonic Suite John Williams

Gala 2002 "On Stage"
Elisabeth Michael Kunze & Sylvester Levay

The Firebird, Suite 1919 Igor Stravinsky
Variation on the Firebird's Dance
Infernal Dance of King Kastchei

Carmina Burana (In taberna quando sumus / O Fortuna) Carl Orff

23rd March 2003

Fantaisie Caprice Ch. Lefèbvre
Clarinet: Annick Leiner
"The Soloists of the HMD"
Concert Etude Alexander Goedicke
Trumpet: Jean-Marie Parisot
Fantasy for Euphonium Philip Sparke
Euphonium: Philippe Schwartz
The Busy Bombardon Wim Laseroms
Bass: Gilbert Thile
Misty E. Garner
Trombone: Jacques Reuter
Original Dixieland Concerto John Warrington

13th December 2003

Capriccio Espagnol Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Alborada - Variazioni - Scena e Canto Gitano - Fandango Asturiano
Gala 2003 "Chronology": A musical journey through the last 50 years of the HMD!
The Flight of the Bumble Bee Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov
...circular breathing kept the bee from resting at any point during this performance...
Armenian Dances Part II Alfred Reed
Version 2003!
Peter Gunn arr. Men Marinov
Bass Guitar: Laurent Hoffmann
Electric Guitar: Thierry Kinsch
Rhythmical Contrasts (Blues) Jean-Paul Frisch
1812 Overture (Finale) P. I. Tchaikovsky
28th March 2004 Dance Movements Philip Sparke Concert "Musek am Syrdall"
El Camino Real Alfred Reed
11th December 2004 Poème Ardennais Pierre Nimax Gala 2004 "Made in Luxembourg" - music by Luxembourg composers or artists
The Legend of Aquarius Marco Pütz
Poème Lions - Marche et Chant de Paix Walter Civitareale
Midsommarnatten Jean-Paul Frisch
Syr Trombone goes Latin Albert Marinov
Tell me a Jazz Story Jean-Claude Naude
Ensemble: Luxembourg Brass Quintet
Patriae Fideles Pol Albrecht
9th April 2005 L'Arlésienne, Suite No. 2 George Bizet "A la carte" - let the audience choose!
Fantasy Variations Yasuhide Ito
Euphonium: Philippe Schwartz
Capriccio Italien P. I. Tchaikovsky
Highlights from Chess Ulvaeus/Andersson/Rice
16th October 2005 Rienzi Richard Wagner Concert at the Arsenal in Metz
10th December 2005 Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion P.D.Q. Bach Gala 2005 "Originals" - masterworks written for symphonic winds!
Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Niccolo Paganini James Barnes
7th July 2006 Carmina Burana Carl Orff
O Fortuna (1560 KB) - Swaz hie gat umbe (356 KB) - Were diu werlt alle min (524 KB) - In taberna quando sumus (1943 KB)
HMD, Chorale Mixte du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Chorale Municipale "Sängerfreed" Bettembourg and the Chorale Saint-Martin Dudelange
9th December 2006 The magic flute - W.A. Mozart Gala 2006
Conductor: Marco Battistella
Trombone Concerto - Alexander Arutiunian
Soloist: Marc Meyers
Wilhelm Tell Overture - Gioacchino Rossini
Pomp and Circumstance - Edward Elgar
15th December 2007 Coronation March - P.I. Tschaikowksy Gala 2007
Conductor: Marc Meyers
Hornkonzert No. 1 - Richard Strauss
Soloist: Nico de Marchi
Feste Romane - Ottorino Respighi
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein
Centennial March "Ville de Dudelange" - Jean-Paul Frisch
13. and 14. Dezember 2008 First Suite for Band - Gustav Holst Gala 2008
Dirigent: Sascha Leufgen
Spartacus - Jan Van der Roost
Overture to a New Age - Jan de Haan
Satiric Dances - Norman Dello Joio
Gaelforce - Peter Graham
Fifth Suite for Band - Alfred Reed
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